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   Robís Skills and Experience

Rob has been a Chief Executive Officer (Qld), General Manager (NSW) and has undertaken other senior roles in local government for 34 years.
 He was a recipient of the prestigious Alfred Mainerd International Scholarship for Local Government. Rob is a Fellow of Certified Practicing Accountants and is a Past National and Queensland President of Local Government Managers Australia.

Rob is also a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, has been a Company Director of several companies and is now a co-Director of Noble Works, providing a range of services including strategic leadership, personality profiling, executive performance reviews, relationship management, change management and the building of sustainable organisations based on self-awareness and business excellence. As a certified Enneagram practitioner and teacher he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Enneagram workshops and profiling interviews.

Rob is an experienced Executive and Life Coach and uses his training in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) in his coaching practice and everyday life. He has a special interest in leadership, with the aim of helping people to improve their lives through greater understanding of self and others. He has had particular success in developing people and relationships to achieve organizational excellence.



         Veronicaís Skills and Experience

Veronica has had over 30 years in senior management and executive roles in Local Government and in the consulting industry. She has lectured and tutored at the University of Newcastle and the Hunter Institute of Technology in various subjects in the disciplines of management and the humanities.

Veronica is a Doctor of Philosophy and graduated with 1st Class Honours and a University Medal from the University of Newcastle. She is also a qualified Librarian, and has attained a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and is a qualified Enneagram teacher and practitioner. She has been a Finalist as a Qantas Business Woman of the Year (NSW), and was also a winner of the Alfred Mainerd International Scholarship.
She has been a company director for several companies and is a co-director of Noble Works. This has allowed her to maximise her skills in coaching, consultation and facilitation and to work with individuals, teams and organisations to develop strategies to be the best that they can be.

As an experienced trainer, coach and mentor she brings her passion for personal excellence and her belief in the innate wisdom of people, teams and organisations to her work and life practice. Her skills in developing strong relationships and facilitating groups, large and small, has resulted in a strong client base.