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Noble Works provides face to face and phone interviews with clients to determine their Enneagram personality type. Interviewees need to have completed the Enneagram Questionnaire before an interview is arranged.

The Enneagram profiling and coaching interviews usually take between 45 minutes to an hour and include:

• An overview of the Enneagram personality profiling system
• The value of the Enneagram in personal and work relations
• The three “intelligences” of the Enneagram system
• A brief description of each of the nine types
• Questioning to identify the Enneagram personality type
• Analysis of the questionnaire completed before the interview
• Determination of the Enneagram personality type
• The gifts and the challenges of the type identified
• A description of the influence of the wings of the personality type and the stress and security points
• Opportunities for development – using the power of the Enneagram for transformational change
• Maximising the gifts of your personality type
• References for further reading

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