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TESTIMONIALS - Personality Profiling

Finding out my Enneagram profile from Rob Noble has been a life changing experience for me. I have attended three of Rob’s workshops. He has a comfortable presentation style and explains the ancient framework so well with real life examples that have a human quality to them. I had done the Myers Briggs personality assessment in the past and found that it only gave me a personal view of my personality. I did not find it easy to understand others and how my personality could affect and interact with others. I found the acronyms hard to recall with the Myers Briggs 16 personality types. Whereas with Enneagram profiling there are 9 simple numbers for each personality type. Rob explains how your personality is affected by situations and interactions with people around you in your life. He explains how your reactions and emotions will differ in different situations, like when you are feeling relaxed or stressed. It is really easy to understand. The workshops were great fun. Our work team all attended one and we all enjoyed ourselves. We were learning and laughing at the same time. We came away with a greater understanding of each other which really helped our team bonding. Rob has a great sense of humour and his presentations are funny, supportive and entertaining. You are learning about yourself and others at the same time in a safe environment. If you are interested in Emotional Intelligence and your professional development I would really recommend finding out your Enneagram number. It has really helped me in my working life and with my personal relationships with my partner and children. I have found that having empathy for those around helps me be more supportive to them. Thanks Rob for your inspiration.

Tina Joyce
Business Excellence Facilitator, Queensland.

“Rob and Veronica with their in-depth knowledge of Enneagram personality types bring a powerful and enlightening experience to those of us seeking to improve important family and workplace relationships

Noble Works helped each of us in a newly formed team better understand the instinctual behaviours of ourselves and each other providing the ideal foundation for team engagement, commitment and success.”

Janine McKay
Manager Business Innovation and Support, Ipswich City Council.

“The one thing I wish I did so much earlier in life was to get Rob Noble to teach me about the Enneagram...I honestly believe life in general would have been a whole lot easier if I knew this stuff earlier. It has had a life changing impact on me and the relationships I have with people at work and at home. This knowledge is real power in understanding myself and others and I actually like other human beings so much better now that I understand the influences that make us so different. The things I didn't know about myself (the blind spots) became pretty clear to me with Rob's help and although its not easy to change ingrained and undesirable behaviours, Rob's program made mapping the plan for change clear and simple. Most importantly it made identifying those blind spots pretty instantaneous...and sobering. We have put numerous staff through Rob Noble's program and it has had a huge impact on our workplace culture and especially with empowering staff to improve relationships with those they didn't ever 'gel' with. The unexpected outcome has been a bigger acceptance of diversity of personalities and more kindness and gentleness creeping into the workplace culture in dealing with each other. I strongly recommend anyone, no matter what their vocation in life is, to go through the program with Rob and reap the benefits like I did.”

Debbie Saliba
Director Community Development, Baw Baw Shire Council