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Dear Rob and Dr. Veronica, Wishing you vibrant health from Ayushakti. I take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt thanks for conducting The Self Awareness workshop with the Ayushakti Team. I appreciate and acknowledge your efforts in transforming people's life through Enneagram. Through this workshop we learnt the art of understanding our many layers of perception, emotion and habits of mind both personally helpful and professional useful. The workshop was very inspirational, giving insights and revealing magic of Enneagram along with your personal life experiences. This is an excellent programme - we learnt a lot. After the session we came out as leaders with awareness of our habits to be more effective.

Hema Raney Chief Executive Officer, Ayushakti Ayurved Pte Ltd, Mumbai, India

I really enjoyed the day we spent as a team, with Rob and Veronica, working through the enneagram, and learning more about myself and the team. It is easy to become very "task focussed", so spending some time just being together and exploring more about our relationships was of value to me.

Sarah Philpott
Director Community and Corporate Development, City of Marion, S.A.

Rob and Veronica have a wealth of experience working with large complex organisations.  Through Noble Works their program of personality profiling and enneagram workshops provides an effective framework to enhance organisational culture and individual performance.  They encourage people to develop insight into their behaviour and that of others to foster improved communication and working relationships.  Their program is a very worthwhile investment in the future growth of your team in an increasingly demanding and complex environment that can yield rewards and positive results for many years.

Mark Stanton
Group Manager Customer Services Hills Shire Council, NSW

Rob Noble and Veronica Lunn from Noble Works have ably assisted Hinchinbrook Shire Councillors to understand and appreciate their personal strengths and challenges through the delivery of their Conscious Leadership Program.  As CEO I was impressed with the process and the value it has added to the Councillors' understanding, both at an individual and very personal level and from a team dynamics point of view.  The exercise was a positive experience for all involved and I would have every confidence in recommending Noble Works as a quality provider of professional development activities.

Leanne E Mash
Chief Executive Officer  - Hinchinbrook Shire Council